How Managed Procurement Solutions are beneficial for Enterprises?

June 4, 2021
What are the procurement solutions? Procurement solutions centralize and automate the approach of purchasing materials and replenishing inventory. Most managed procurement services have increased their scope to permit groups to operate all elements of the procurement process on one platform. This centralization is usually stated as “source-to-pay” or “procure-to-pay.” Moreover, procurement services are a critical

What do enterprise concierge services offer corporates?

April 30, 2021
Enterprise Concierge Services Concierge services, in general, are quite beneficial to companies, and especially real for corporates given their operational size and scale. An enterprise concierge is a sort of enterprise carrier in which specialists are committed to helping enterprises run their tasks simpler and more efficiently through offloading specific features that may be time-ingesting


March 31, 2021
MANAGED CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICES The Importance of efficient Customer Support Services The key to customer retention is efficient customer service. Regardless of which industry one may be a part of, customer care is of utmost importance. Many organizations are realizing that with growing competition, new technological innovations and constantly improving services and products, consumers are

How to build business back post-COVID impact

February 26, 2021
As life goes back to normal ever since the pandemic kicks the most worry for each business is to a way to build the business back post COVID-19 era. Post pandemic leadership teams have embraced technology, reinventing core processes and adopting new collaboration services. Technology and folks interacting in new ways are at the guts

Contract staffing solutions by SuperSeva

August 24, 2020

Why SuperSeva makes you engage in Corporate Gifting

January 24, 2020
The sort of present you give can have an enduring impression on the receiver. A gift will make a person feel special so it is important that when selecting a gift, you must always keep the receiver in mind. The gift has the power to keep up it for a long time and to develop