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NOC is No Objection Certificate. This certificate is given by the RTO of a specified state. If in case you are migrating your car to any other state you have to get a NOC from your current state transport authorities, who give a certificate that allows you to drive your car to other state.

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What is a NOC?

NOC means no objection certificate, issued from RTO. It is certify that there is no due of Tax for vehicle.

Why do we need NOC?

When you are moving from one State to another State, then you need permission from RTO to get NOC.

How do I apply for a NOC?

One can apply by going to RTO directly or you can apply through SuperSeva.

What is the required time in which we can get a NOC through?

You can get NOC within 15-20 days from the time you applied for it. This may differ according to the specific case or place.

Which RTO issues NOC?

RTO where the vehicle is registered, same RTO issues the NOC of your vehicle. NOC can only be obtained from the RTO office; nowhere else you can get this certificate.

What documents do we need to submit for NOC?

There are some important documents which need to be produced while submitting the request of an NOC –

  1. Form no-28 (3-Numbers)(Soft copy is Attached)

  2. RC book original

  3. Valid Insurance photocopy

  4. Emission Test certificate copy

  5. Chassis Pencil Print Impression on White paper (3-numbers)

  6. Name and address of the person who needs NOC.

  7. Details of to address i.e. City and state.

Which form is required for the NOC?

In order to apply for the NOC, one must have Form No-28, (3 copies) all in originals.Without the Form no-28, application will be not filled/ processed.

What is the vendor charges involved?

Kindly, contact SuperSeva Concierge desk at your office, or mail to info@superseva.com or call Toll free number: 1800 102 9192 for further details.

Is vehicle required to bring at the RTO for verification?

Yes, in few cities it is required to bring the vehicle for the verification process.


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