We take the responsibility of making your Dream Events-SuperSeva Services Enterprise Event Management

December 23, 2019
“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. These are the companies who allowed bringing their dreams into reality” The Enterprise event Management includes planning and organizing different types of events for enterprise stakeholders, and engaging the attendees during the event. These events can be for a variety of

How to tell your child

December 13, 2019
“The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children” Nelson Mandela According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) –Abuse and neglect are defined as “injury, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child”. This abuse can be of several kinds – physical, mental, emotional, psychological or in

SuperSeva Diwali Gifting Solution

September 3, 2019
SuperSeva Diwali Gifting Solution “ Every gift from Someone is a wish for your happiness.” Be it any occasion, giving away gifts is very much common in corporates. Corporate Gifts are like the valuable items that corporates gifts to their employees as a token of appreciation or goodwill. The true meaning of giving away gifts

How Managed Parking Solution by SuperSeva can sort out your Parking issues?

August 8, 2019
How Managed Parking Solution by SuperSeva can sort out your Parking issues? Does your employees or visitors face any challenge in parking their vehicles because of parking space mismanagement? Do you want to optimize your Parking space with upgraded technology and trained resources? A Parking lot with hassle-free experience attracts most businesses and prospects &

RTO Services through SuperSeva Services

July 27, 2019
How to get your RTO Services done through SuperSeva Services? When it comes to RTO Services, your mind must be filled out with how will you get your RTO related work done? How will you avail this service if you are relocating to a different city? If you are purchasing a used vehicle, how to

SuperSeva services – Contract Staffing

May 30, 2019
Contract Staffing Contract Staffing is yet another key offering under SuperSeva Services – Managed Services, where we hire on behalf of your organization and provides resources based on your requirements. Outsourcing experts for contract staffing needs can be beneficial especially when you are looking for people with skills that are not easily available in the