Aging of an organization is something that explains and gives evidence of a company’s competency. It is commonly weighed on the experience an organization is having into the industry. We recently comforted ourselves by celebrating company anniversary; SuperSeva completed successful 17 years into the industry.
To celebrate the occasion, whole SuperSeva family gathered under one roof and cherished the day by celebrating company anniversary. Below are the briefs from the day:

The day began with a warm welcome speech by Mr Ajay Sharma and followed by Lighting the lamp by our guests of honour, Ms Kumud Sharma and Mr Ajay Sharma and setting the day to begin. The whole celebration began with an amazing heart touching classical performance of Odissi Dance by Snigdha.
The day moved on with many other great performances by our employees. Many of them even joined us by travelling half way across the India, Employees from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and multiple SuperSeva locations also graced the celebration.
While celebrating company anniversary we also honoured few of our team members who performed in an extraordinary way to make this success a reality. Our Star Performers, Best Performers, Loyalists, etc; we honoured them all with prominent titles who deserved them for their hard work and dedication during the past one year.
The entire event was a perfect combination of cheerful, fun, and inspiring moments. Find the wonderful glimpses from the celebration below.

2 Thoughts on “Celebrating Company Anniversary – 17 Years of Success”

  • These have been an excellent post I have read til now. You have shared amazing ideas Celebrating Company Anniversary it is implemented that would help in the company’s growth.

    • Thank You for your valuable comments. Including work, SuperSeva is also more active in all other extra activities which will boost us with new ideas.

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