Employee Concierge Services

Premium Employee Concierge Services

In today’s fast-paced society, domestic assistance has become more of a necessity, rather than a luxury. Our calendars are bursting with work commitments, personal affairs, family obligations and unending lists of chores and household responsibilities, leaving negligible essential “me time”, needed to focus and refresh. 

Statistically speaking…

  1. 95% of us keep a To Do list, yet only 1% of us are able to complete it
  2. 36% of workers say that they feel used up and dry at the end of the workday
  3. 85% of workers have daily responsibilities to go home to
  4. 70% of parents feel they don’t have enough time with their children
  5. 88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and family life
  6. Monster’s Work/Life Balance survey in which 81% of respondents reported being  unhappy with their work/life balance
  7. 60% reported feeling overworked

Value Proposition of Concierge Services

Intangible Benefits

Employee Benefit:
  1. Reduce doff-the-job concerns
  2. Increased on-the-job focus and company loyalty
  3. Will be able to balance  work and personal lives
  4. Enjoy hassle free and peaceful life

Employer Benefit:

  1. More productive employees
  2. Increase employee retention
  3. Increase employee satisfaction
  4. Attract talent and cultivate loyalty
  5. Enhance  employee relations and improve employee positive perceptions of their overall benefits package
  6. Employer portrays a strong and distinctive commitment to work/life issues

Tangible Benefits

  1. Saving Time, Saving Money
  2. Increasing bottom-line
  3. 24X7 your personal assistant

The SuperSeva Advantage

With respect to your personal wishes, wants, and needs, we created our timesaving service solutions. To achieve a more balanced life, your employees will no longer need to work harder, run faster, and “cram” more into your hectic day. We will partner with you, to give your employees the invaluable commodity of time that they deserve, so that they can achieve and sustain a healthier and happier lifestyle through work/life balance.


The advantages of being with SuperSeva are:

  1. Multiple channels of placing requests (The Web, Desk, Email, Phone) => No long queues at the desk, minimum dependency on the Concierge executive’s efficiency
  2. Acknowledgement System: E –receipt, Acknowledgement Slip, Mobile SMS alert system
  3. Available on the internet (www.superseva.com) and therefore a worldwide access to our services
  4. An online request tracking mechanism, which allows our customers to track the status of their requests
  5. Electronic Reminder Service through auto e-mail and SMS alert
  6. Wide reach of our services through pan-India presence
  7. System generated MIS report, providing accurate information about the desk usage every month transparently
  8. Concierge executive well groomed and in uniform
  9. Strong and meticulous operations team: Negligible percentage of errors: 0.05 %, Multiple checkpoints
  10. One point contact: Account managers for each and every corporate
  11. Recruitment: Stringent recruitment system, followed by background verification