Employee Safety & Anti-Harassment

SuperSeva Anti-Harassment & Employee Safety Policy


Since the introduction of the Victorian era that touched on the aspects of gender equality and emphasised on women empowerment to this century, woman empowerment has been going through various struggles to take a firm stand in the society. Empowering women and Employee safety are an indispensable tool for the betterment of society. Empowered women not only contribute towards the betterment of society but also uplifts the standards of living.

It is said that a woman is entitled to live in dignity and freedom. Women are good at multi-tasking, their passion to excellence can drive quality outcomes. Hence companies should always prioritise and give equal importance to women and men.

With this, best in class employers are first to adopt any legislation or practice that brings equality and equal opportunities to all their employees. Companies like SuperSeva are creating a safer working environment for all employees, whether they are women or minorities or challenged.

SuperSeva is committed to provide, all employees with an environment free of any kind of harassment or misconduct based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or other factors that are unrelated to SuperSeva’s legitimate business interests. SuperSeva will not tolerate sexual advances, actions or racial or religious slurs, jokes or any other comments or conduct in the workplace that creates, encourages, or permits an offensive, intimidating or inappropriate work environment. In line with Indian Labor laws, SuperSeva has setup an Anti-Harassment Committee.The committee would work towards preventing and prohibiting inappropriate, intimidating, or otherwise offensive sexually related conduct. The law also specifies a demographic composition of the committee and mandates that it also consists of an external person who is not personally or professionally related or in any way connected to the employer. The committee is a reflection of how seriously we are committed to our basic belief of respecting the dignity of the individual and seeks to provide a forum for employees.


Resolution process

  1. A formal investigation is initiated by raising a written, which should contain:
  2. The name and all known details of the person/s allegedly causing the harassment
  3. A description of the incident/s, including the date/s, location/s, witnesses, if any, or any other information that might be relevant
  4. A committee is set up to investigate the case, who will interview the employees involved, to determine the fact’s
  5. The committee will submit a report to the management, for a decision
  6. Management will decide on the appropriate disciplinary action, which may include a stern punishment of dismissal from services.
  7. SuperSeva treats all allegation of discrimination and harassment as serious.
  8. False accusations will not be tolerated and may be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action.
  9. Retaliation against those reporting harassment is prohibited by law including hurtful employment action against an individual and such acts will be treated as major misconduct.
  10. Employees/ group who found in retaliation activity against those reporting harassment will be treated as seriously as an alleged case of harassment even if the original harassment complaint is not proven and appropriate action would be taken against them.
  11. Anyone suspecting or experiencing harassment and or retaliation against any harassment complaint should report to hr@superseva.com


Employee’s responsibility towards anti-harassment policy

Create and maintain a harassment-free environment and it is the responsibility of all employees to report incidents of discrimination, harassment or retaliation regardless of the offender’s identity or position. SuperSeva guarantees that no employees will be disadvantaged in their employment as a result of lodging a complaint

In case of any harassment or inappropriate conduct keep it confidential and do not publicised alleged harassment without following the reporting procedure and notify/ report only to appropriate authorities for investigation of the matter.

If possible, speak with the individual directly and inform him/ her that you feel the behaviour is inappropriate. Direct communication is the most effective means of stopping such acts.

If direct communication is not possible or fails to stop the behaviour, report the case to hr@superseva.com and it will be taken care through proper channel.

If you are accused of any misconduct or harassment, please evaluate what may be inappropriate behaviors of a sexual nature and/or sexual harassment or misconduct and if you fear that your own behavior has been misunderstood, take the time to explain and apologize, else be patient to intervene by committee and HR team for proper resolution of the matter.

In case of any grievances please follow escalation matrix as below

First point of contact-Reporting Authority

Second Point of Contact-HR Department

Last Point of Contact-Higher Management