Employee Transport Management

Employee Transport Management

– Setting up of Travel Desk and process implementation
– Implementation of NASSCOM Code of Conduct
– Focuses on security during commute, transport and vendor selection, employee communication, and on premise security for women employees commuting at night, strict and thorough background checks on driver & accompanying security personnel

Employee Transportation Management

  • Superseva is one of the pioneers in providing Employees Transportation Solutions, we provide these solutions to large corporates with zero capital investment by them, allowing them to focus on their core area of business, leaving the operational hassles to an experienced service provider like Superseva.
  • Expedient’s web based integrated Transportation Management system is a full-fledged innovative and robust software that improves efficiency of the processes, enhances employee Transportation visibility and delivery excellence. ITMS facilitates increased accountability,transparency and helps discover hidden costs in the employee transportation processes.
  • Our user-friendly interface to register, track & amp; board ensures a hassle-free commuting experience for employees
  • No manual intervention, all reports & activities are tech enabled to ensure objectivity in decision making and planning

Company’s Transport Team


  • Roster management
  • Routing
  • Trip Distribution


  • Coordination with vendors
  • MIS & Billing


  • Tracking
  • First Response( Emergency)
  • Trip fulfillment(FFBLD)
  • Drop Management
  • Employee Helpdesk


  • Compliance Management
  • Verified drivers and most advanced safety features make everyday commute
  • Safety, especially for women.
  • Centralized help desk support to the company’s transport team

Corporate mass transportation is continually facing multiple challenges in workforce-intensive operations

Our Transport Desk experts work 24/7 to provide high level of safe, efficient solutions for optimizing operations

Superseva meets the client’s demand for mobility, augments operational efficiency and lower operational costs