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Don’t let receivables and payments management bog you down. Our financial services are carefully crafted to unburden you from all financial woes.

Finance Management Solutions by SuperSeva Global


SuperSeva’s efficient accounts receivable management for businesses of all industries and sizes has a range of benefits for your business. Most importantly, it makes your paid and unpaid invoices more manageable and consequently, you’ll be less susceptible to cash flow issues


We handle a company’s unpaid debts to third-party vendors for purchases made on credit. We take care of accounts payable management which is one of the important business processes and help in managing the payments of the entity in the most effective manner.


Vendor Payment

Our vendor payment solutions integrate all vendor payments and improve controls for the company, with this partnership we follow complete steps like vendor contract approval, invoice approval, and payment approval, on-time payments, and control of payments and supplier relationships.

Stamp paper and franking solution

We have built a PAN India network to support the procurement of stamp paper and franking in all states. Our IT tool helps you raise service requests from multiple users and track the status will make sure the supply as per SLA. We also support bulk procurement and stock stamp paper / e stamp paper inventories in this tool for executing all your agreements 

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