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Office Administration Solutions by SuperSeva Global

Work from home

The way everyone works has changed radically in the past few months, it increased challenges for facilitation for the employees who are working from home. Our solutions for work-from-home support, make sure to understand companies and employees’ particular needs, their pain points and take helpful actions. 





Office and
Asset Relocation

Our office and asset relocation service is an integrated solution for all essential requirements and makes relocation easier, more cost-effective to ensure a smooth transition. With the help of in house experts and logistic partners, we would be able to provide hassle-free and secured relocation without much intervention required by corporate


Corporate Events and Office Decoration

SuperSeva event managers handle on-demand management or execution of planned corporate events and decoration, produce expected outcomes. Our professional expertise and PAN India network can be utilized for the execution of corporate events and office decoration at multiple locations and cities on the same day with the same concept and themes

Managed Front Office

SuperSeva’s Managed Front Office Service is a unique proposition to corporate, we professionally manage Front Office by deploying groomed professionals trained in hospitality management with emphasis on SLA based duties and also add proprietary visitor management application automates the visit entry and exit experience


Mail Room Management

Inbound and outbound courier management, vendor management, and other support services required to enable an operationally effective mailroom are possible with the SueprSeva expertise as we deploy the right people, process, and technology. With exclusive software “Trakmail” all mailroom activities and tracking mechanism are automated.


Transport Desk Management

Our Transport Desk experts work 24/7 to provide high levels of safe, efficient solutions for optimizing operations. SuperSeva meets the client’s demand for mobility, augments operational efficiency, and lowers operational costs. We manage setting up of transport desk and implement process and policies  to give employees a hassle-free and secured experience

Parking Solutions

Reinvent your parking management with unparalleled automation. The smart parking solution offered by us as a managed service transforms employee parking experience and parking space utilization. Improved technologies, trained manpower, and real-time display systems for parking inventory implemented by us as a parking solution provider to many clients

Pantry, Housekeeping, Stationary Consumables

Better rates and exclusive discounts from reputed brands, and quality suppliers are negotiated for all types of consumables required for Head Office, Regional Offices, and Branch Offices. We overtake the hassle of managing the multiple vendors for multiple products and cities, fulfill the need of corporate for any consumable needs


Facility Management

A wide spectrum of facilities-centric solutions to manage the entire facility. You can rest assured that the office facility is managed by our professionally trained staff for better service, and deliver exceptional value. We manage all soft, hard, and support services with regular and backup staff to ensure service continuity

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