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Give your operations team the strategic support it needs with IT asset management, license management, and contract workforce management. Our project services have you covered in every way.

Operations and Project Management Solutions by SuperSeva Global

IT Asset Store

Our SLA-driven IT asset store management solution takes care of maintaining a comprehensive list of all the assets, records the current location and status of the asset, ensures the asset is rightly allocated, tracking the repair status and its due of return. Also, we schedule maintenance of the assets and conducts periodic checks on the assets to maintain security and quality compliance

Software License

SuperSeva takes the important part of the business of any corporation to adhere to all relevant software license and end-user license agreements. Outsourcing all software licenses purchase to SuperSeva ensures Integration of all contracts, Cost Optimization, Regular Audits, On-time Renewals, Automation, and Progressive Outcome



Contract Workforce

Managing all compliance of all contract employees and consultants is possible with us by the scalable and well-built system with a strong HR and statutory team. The solutions are customizable based on your need for any type of contract employees for any roles and any location across any states or countries. We have bandwidth and expertise to manage the complete responsibility and key deliverables  

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