Rachana Maladahiyar shares her journey

Rachana Maladahiyar,
Vice President – Business Development & Concierge 
shares her journey at SuperSeva Services

My association with SuperSeva is almost 7 years old. I started my journey as the manager of strategy, marketing and promotions in December 2011. If I have to describe my journey at SuperSeva in one word, I would say ‘fantastic’. It was a challenging journey but when I look back, it was a wonderful journey!

Meeting Kumud Sharma

I met Kumud Sharma at a conference at IIM-B in 2011. Someone shared that their start-up is being run from a 1BHK house and it was challenging for them to hire talent because no one is ready to join them. Despite having a good business idea they were not able to run the business. Kumud answered them saying that the looks of the office do not matter. She openly shared that she runs an enterprise which has 400 employees from a basement.  Despite being the CEO of a successful business, Kumud Sharma was very down to earth and straightforward. This made me get drawn towards her.

Joined SuperSeva When There Was No Vacancy!

Although I had my own business, the market situation made me to look for a job. I approached Kumud and she told there is no vacancy. She gave me 10 days time to find a role for myself in the organization. I started to understand the nature of business, processes and the online portal. It was a completely new line of business for me. I was looking for gaps in the system. I had to give a presentation on how we can fix the gaps and my probable role in the organization. On the 11th day, I gave a presentation about the issues in the system and shared my thoughts on fixing the same. (Incidentally, the quarterly meeting was scheduled on that day) I was finally designated as ‘Manager of Strategy, Marketing and Promotions’ on 27th Dec 2011.

First Task!

I was assigned 3 corporates spread over 9 locations to begin with. The service requests received in those Corporates was hardly 1 or 2 per month! Within a month, I was able to raise the number of requests to about 100 per month. The cash box started ringing and the total service charge collected in these corporates crossed new milestones.

The Next Step :

I started interacting with the desk executives of Bangalore region on Saturdays. It was the only time when I could meet them as they would be at the desk during the week. I understood their problems, appreciated them lavishly for their progress and gave a personal touch that division. In three months, the Bangalore CRM ( Client Relationship Management) team saw a drastic change in terms of the number of requests, service charge collected, and the level of service rendered. ( Rachana Maladahiyar was the Head CRM – Bangalore from June 2012 – July 2013)

 “If You Can Transform Bangalore, Why Can’t You Transform India?”

Kumud asked me ” If you can transform the Bangalore region, why can’t you replicate that success throughout India as well? “. I was apprehensive at first but I still remember Kumud’s words “I am there with you”. With her support, I took up the challenge of handling the CRM team of entire India. I replicated the same method of documentation and root cause analysis to streamline our CRM section at the national level as well. We could see a positive change at PAN India level as well.

Transformational Phase of Online Portal

Our online CRM portal was going through a transformation during that time and I was actively involved in requirement specification and testing of the portal. I used to give them the exact format of the report to be generated and we automized several reports. This made management easier and we were able to lay our hands on real-time data.

Converting Normal Clients into Premium Clients

Our next focus was to convert normal clients into premium clients. The conversion would mean doubling our service charge revenue.  We were able to convert 90% of our clients from normal to the premium concierge. We were able to do this mainly due to our market knowledge in the concierge sector.

 “Don’t Negotiate With Me, Negotiate With The Client”

While converting normal clients to premium clients, I sometimes used to negotiate with Kumud regarding the final service charge. She told me “Don’t negotiate with me, negotiate with the client”. She told me to have faith and made me realize that the worst case scenario would be to lose a client. But, the best case scenario would mean doubling the revenue!  She gave me tremendous confidence and a new perspective towards concierge business.

Getting into Operations

In the 4th year of my service, I was asked by Kumud to get hands-on with the ‘Operations’ team of Bangalore. Kumud Sharma was always the backbone of my confidence whenever I ventured into a domain and it was no different this time too.  We were able to streamline the process and policies of the Bangalore region and show improved performance in a year.

Handling PAN India Operations

I was able to streamline the operations at a PAN India level too. We achieved almost ‘Zero Escalation’ and our service levels were good too. ( Rachana Maladahiyar was the Country Head CRM between 2013 – 2015 ).

Improvising Other Lines of Business

I started getting involved in e-stamping, petty cash, procurement, event management and so on. I worked on call conversion in our e-stamping vertical. Negotiating the best price for various product requirements of the clients was interesting.

Rachana Maladahiyar is currently the Vice President, Business Development and Operations (Concierge) of SuperSeva Services Pvt. Ltd.

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