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SuperSeva Mailroom Service

Corporate Mailroom is an all-encompassing mail processing service that enables your business to concentrate on what you do best and safe in the knowledge that your correspondence is being handled by the local experts.

How can Mail-room benefit your business?

  1. It frees up your staff for more profitable tasks.
  2. It relieves you from the cost, effort and time of administering your own mail service. The costs associated with handling important business post can be very high when you add up all of the staff and overhead costs.
  3. Your mail is processed and carefully recorded before being posted into the mail delivery system, so it is easy to monitor.

Benefits of outsourcing this non-core function

  1. Professional support in managing your emails
  2. No hassles of having to deal with multiple Service providers
  3. Easy monitoring and control of all incoming and outgoing emails
  4. Centralised mail processing
  5. Improves traceability and compliance
  6. Improves service levels and reliability
  7. Increased efficiency through the latest mail innovations
  8. Cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs
  9. Release valuable resource, improving productivity
  10. Enhanced service levels
  11. Improved security and quality control

SuperSeva Mailroom Service

SUPERSEVA Mailroom Management forms the central hub of communications between you, your customers and suppliers. We realise your mail contains anything from cheques, bills and orders to business-critical correspondence. It may also include your employees’ emails.

SUPERSEVA mailroom management can help you optimise the efficiency of your mailroom and ensure your post operations run smoothly.

Efficient mailroom services

Our trained staff will help you optimise the efficiency of your mailroom and keep communications running smoothly.

What we offer in mail room management

  1. On-site mail-room
  2. Inbound mail management
  3. Secure screening of mail and goods
  4. Outbound mail management
  5. Dispatch management of mail and courier items
  6. Sorting to department level
  7. Inter-site mail distribution across branch networks
  8. Cost-effective postal services
  9. Print and stationery management
  10. Query resolution
  11. MIS & Reporting
  12. Vendor management