Managed Front Office

Making a Great First Impression takes just about 3 seconds. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. Hence creating a positive impression becomes very crucial for anyone to create a long term relation.

For an organisation, Front Office / Reception are the first points of contact with their clients, vendors, customers, visitors and employees. If the front-office personnel (receptionists) are able to create an impact at the first instance itself, it goes a long way in strengthening the organisation’s relationships with their valued stakeholders.

Front Office portrays the organization’s professional ethics and value system. The 2 most important most visible and essential focal points of an organisation are:

  • The Receptionist
  • The Reception Area

Managing Front Office – The SuperSeva Way

Our Focus: As a client-centric organisation, we are passionate about serving our customers, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations

Our Proficiency: Being an expertise in managed front office services since 16+ years across various sectors of industry, SuperSeva understands essential parameters to deliver professionally managed services. We customise and deliver services; understanding your work culture; that portrays the brand image of your corporate

Why should you outsource?

  1. Workforce capability- Our strategic gain
  2. Team of well trained, niche market recruitment experts will take care of interviewing, recruiting, training, payroll, retaining, rewarding and appraising
  3. We have great track records to find resources by building our database through various jobs portals, References, Headhunting and Mapping etc
  4. Expertise Team Leaders to handle your issues immediately
  5. Employee attrition managed within firm deadlines. We are ready with backup support to avoid workplace absenteeism
  6. Reliability and punctuality ensured. Front office is managed as per the agreed SLAs
  7. Regular skill training and grooming sessions provided to Front Office Executives through our professional Partner
  8. Cost-effective and predictable expenditures
  9. Resource and core competency focus

We at SuperSeva will take care about all of these and beyond. Even for absenteeism, every receptionist is trained and provided with exactly the same skills so that at all times, work at your front office is completed. We will be accountable for an efficient functioning of your Front office at all times.