Managed Services / Staffing

Your firm needs to hire 10 people on an immediate basis. Your key Team lead wants to take a day off because he has an appointment at the passport office. Or you are looking for robust Reward and Recognition program that can boost your Employee’s morale. The goal of all these is just the same, to let your employees focus on work, improve their productivity. Further, you as a company save cost by engaging with a partner that can fulfil your requirements on the need basis.

Engage with the HR vertical of SuperSeva Enterprise Support Services for all these functions and more.

Below is the range of major services we offer under this vertical:

    1. Concierge Services for employees
    2. Employee Engagement Services
    3. Reward & Recognition Services
    4. Other Support Services
        • Payroll management
        • Training for employees
        • Induction Process
        • Background Verification
        • Inbound & Outbound Training Program
        • Resume Screening
        • Team Outing
        • Annual get-together / Foundation day celebration
        • Onsite Crèche for babies
        • Onsite Utility shop for employees