Travel Desk Management

SuperSeva Travel Desk Management Services provides a comprehensive solution to manage the Travel Desk using a qualified implant. The scope of services would be as follows –

  1. Book tickets on receiving authorization and travel details from the Travel Coordinator
  2. Ticket to be attached with the Travel Status form and handed over to the Travel Coordinator
  3. Will deliver e-ticket on case to case basis
  4. In case of emergency, the implant will be available on the phone to help resolve problems
  5. Discounts, if any, will be completely transferred to the Client


Account Management
  1. We will have an Account Manager assigned for this assignment. The implant Travel desk personnel will report to this Account Manager
  2. The implant personnel will be able to converse in English; will be neatly attired in SuperSeva uniform, polite, well-mannered and approachable

Account Manager’s responsibilities

Will be responsible for submitting monthly MIS reports to the client.

Will monitor, measure and control the process and outcomes as per the SLAs.

Circulate travel industry related information and any security alerts to the Travel coordinator.

Will inform the Travel supervisor in the event of any disaster.