Automated Mailroom Management

Being the best managed services provider – Trakmail

November 20, 2017
One step closer toward being the best managed services provider – Trakmail Ever wondered! What is the most frustrating and unmanageable task in any organization? An absolutely mundane task which has no correlation with your core business. We are talking about managing the inbound and outbound mails (emails, contracts, invoices, orders, claims, forms, reports, applications

Simplified Managed Services – Mail-room

August 11, 2016
SuperSeva Services Private Limited, founded in the year 2000, is headquartered in Bangalore. For nearly 16 years now, we have been providing comprehensive Enterprise-centric services to help organizations conduct business more effectively. Today, SuperSeva is the leader in the Enterprise Support service industry in India serving numerous clients across the country. SuperSeva has always invested

SuperSeva digital mailroom comes with a range of benefits

July 5, 2013
Those days are gone when the task of moving mail from one office to other offices was performed manually. Now in the age of internet, the digital mailrooms have come to exist and gained popularity The SuperSeva digital mailroom comes with a range of benefits. It offers scalability, flexibility, cost effectiveness and reduced environmental effects