Simple and Cost Effective Relocation

February 20, 2018
Simple and Cost Effective Relocation Delegating Shifting To Professionals Delegate Your ‘Packing and Moving’ Needs Moving? We will get it done for you All of us are trying to make our lives simple, aren’t we? We also want to get the best deal for all the goods and services that we require, right? SuperSeva concierge

Meet our concierge

November 7, 2017
Wonder how concierge can change the way you do your daily tasks? Have you ever thought that in busy Schedules of your employees and tight timelines to finish the job they suffer to finish their own personal work? Now they have two choices one to use their personal network to finish the job or else

Many problems, One solution – Our Concierge service

May 16, 2017
Many problems, One solution – Our Concierge service Have you ever wondered that is there any way you can get rid of all the problems in your life? Everybody got some issues with their lives, right? Some Ups and Some Downs followed by some mind throttling moment. A time when you can not make a

Neck-to-Neck With Top Outsourcing Companies In India

May 3, 2017
What You Can Achieve With Us – One of the  top outsourcing companies in India for Enterprise Support Solutions Managing a huge business requires a huge decision-making skill and it also requires the ample amount of technology & Manpower. When we talk about manpower of any organisation we mean the perfection that needs to come

Move ahead without leaving memories behind – Packers and Movers

April 15, 2017
SuperSeva Premium Concierge – Packers and Movers “Let’s not carry this sofa along” OR “Let’s sell this TV, We will buy another after reaching there” OR “I will not leave from here, it’s a very hectic job”. Can you relate these thoughts? Ever thought of these things while shifting from one place to another? But

5 ways to keep your business growing

November 25, 2016
  Running a business is an intimidating challenge in itself. If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to be more open to the current realities of the new global economy and get more creative. Here are five ways SuperSeva can assist you to keep your business growing. 1. Employee Motivation: