Concierge offers

Let SuperSeva plan the perfect Corporate Party for you

December 4, 2012
A corporate party is all about rewarding your staff and building rapport between colleagues, in a relaxed and informal environment. Such events are a great way to encourage teamwork and increase levels of productivity and efficiency. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce and throwing a corporate party is one way of showing

Delivery of Flowers and Cakes through the SuperSeva concierge service

November 29, 2012
Nowadays the challenge is to highlight and capture the most special moments. Here comes SuperSeva with its team of experts to make your special moments magical and make a difference in someone’s life. Since Special occasions call for something truly unique the possibilities are endless. To make your special moments memorable we provide custom designed cakes and exclusive

DD making – One of the popular services of SuperSeva concierge desk

November 26, 2012
Making a DD is not a hassle free ride. To get it done one has to squeeze out  his/her time from the busy schedule to go to the Bank, positioning himself in long queue, get the form, fill it with required details and submit it to the cash counter. The ordeal does not stop here,

Choose your best Holiday package with SuperSeva concierge services

November 21, 2012
As people in today’s society get busier and busier, the idea of having someone to handle your personal Vacation, your travel itinerary becomes very attractive. SuperSeva helps you to enjoy hassle free holidays as SuperSeva handles the getaway plans for its Valued Customers. So that you reap the benefits of leisure time with family and friends. We work towards

Delivery of Medicine through concierge desk

November 15, 2012
Now everyone can easily avail medicines through SuperSeva concierge services. Through our services one doesn’t need to worry about the availability of medicines. We at SuperSeva value our customers need and provides over 98% of all approved medicines in India. Sometimes it’s very hassle to get few medicines prescribed by Doctor, and we are here to provide a hassle free environment.

Bollypedia @your grip through SuperSeva concierge services

November 8, 2012
Being an employee it’s hard to balance both professional and personal life. Most of the time, we postpone our movie outing plans thinking of the long queue or unavailability. And even if we make a plan, most of the times we get to hear “SORRY SIR, HOUSE FULL”.  No doubt it is a very disappointing