Corporate wellness program

SuperSeva’s Employee Healthcare Management

July 22, 2011
SuperSeva’s Employee Wellness Program or Employee Healthcare Management Program aim at creating a healthy and happy workforce. It may sound simplistic to say that precaution is better than treating or curing it but not all organizations understand that the healthier the workforce, more productive, more committed they are towards their work. In order to empower

Eye Camp at a client’s venue

June 17, 2011
The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. ~Helen Keller How many times it so happens that you have worked all through the day on the presentations for your meeting and stayed up all night changing diapers for your baby. Again next day you are up and about for work.This

SuperSeva’s Wellness camps for Sears and Motorola

May 13, 2011
SuperSeva conducts wellness camps for corporate employees to alleviate the time burden that a personal task such as ‘oral health check up’ places on the company’s resources. Very few employers are in a position to comfortably meet the varying oral health needs of their employees and families.  Different age groups face different dental health challenges.

SuperSeva on the E-Map

May 3, 2011
SuperSeva Services has started its Social Media Endeavour by having its profile across various social media platforms such as a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The aim is to increase awareness of various activities and events we are conducting to our esteemed client organizations and their employees. It is also to enable our potential customers

SuperSeva’s health awareness week at JDA, Bangalore and Hyderabad

April 26, 2011
You have severe tooth ache for the past 3 days but you have been unable to go to the doctor because you have been busy working on your presentations for your clients. What if on the day of the presentation you are unwell to attend the meeting. A lucrative opportunity may be lost. Tooth ache,

SuperSeva extends its services to Bristlecone, Mumbai and Noida

April 25, 2011
SuperSeva Services started off with Bristlecone in Feb 2011 for its Bangalore office. A week prior to the launch, teasers were conducted to generate curiosity for the service amongst the employees. On the day of the launch, mailers were sent to all employees announcing SuperSeva’s partnership for Bristlecone’s concierge service and a desk was set