Stamp Paper and Franking Fulfillment

May 7, 2011
Introduced by the Stamps and Registrations Department, E-Stamping is a web based application which can be used to pay stamp duties.The department has tied up with Stocks Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL), which is the central record keeping agency to sell and monitor e-stamping. The scheme was mooted ever since the Telgi Scam rocked

SuperSeva on the E-Map

May 3, 2011
SuperSeva Services has started its Social Media Endeavour by having its profile across various social media platforms such as a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The aim is to increase awareness of various activities and events we are conducting to our esteemed client organizations and their employees. It is also to enable our potential customers

SuperSeva’s health awareness week at JDA, Bangalore and Hyderabad

April 26, 2011
You have severe tooth ache for the past 3 days but you have been unable to go to the doctor because you have been busy working on your presentations for your clients. What if on the day of the presentation you are unwell to attend the meeting. A lucrative opportunity may be lost. Tooth ache,

SuperSeva ties up with Vodafone

March 28, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Vodafone for providing concierge services to all of its employees. Initially this deal was to serve the Vodafone client for the Bangalore employees. Highly satisfied with the service delivery and CRM support of SuperSeva Services, Vodafone has signed up for all locations pan India for 22 desks. For