This Diwali add extra charm to your premises

November 25, 2016
10 more Days and whole India will be diving into the Diwali mood and Nothing Speaks out Diwali like Lights & Decorations. While you are still in a mood of finery, Your House & office also needs a Diwali touch-up. What  can you do this Diwali? Well, You can do a lot about yourself if

SuperSeva’s health awareness week at JDA, Bangalore and Hyderabad

April 26, 2011
You have severe tooth ache for the past 3 days but you have been unable to go to the doctor because you have been busy working on your presentations for your clients. What if on the day of the presentation you are unwell to attend the meeting. A lucrative opportunity may be lost. Tooth ache,

Supercity-SuperSeva’s location based offers and events

April 2, 2011
Incorporated in 2000, SuperSeva services was conceived with a vision to provide Corporate Facility Management Services par excellence to the corporate employees. SuperSeva’s ‘Supercity’ is a step to further the same and show case city wise events and deals. Supercity (see the links below) provides city wise weekly updates on various deals and events. The