KUDOS – SuperSeva’s Reward and Recognition Management Solution

October 3, 2011
As an HR head of an organization, the biggest challenge is not to recruit the right people but to retain them.  “How to show you appreciate” has always been more bothersome than  getting the best brains in the industry to work for you. Training and engaging employees productively to achieve the organizational goals is always

SuperSeva ties up with Vodafone

March 28, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Vodafone for providing concierge services to all of its employees. Initially this deal was to serve the Vodafone client for the Bangalore employees. Highly satisfied with the service delivery and CRM support of SuperSeva Services, Vodafone has signed up for all locations pan India for 22 desks. For

Superseva Services

March 21, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt Ltd offers personal and professional services to corporate and their employees. The service ranges from corporate services like Concierge services, Corporate Help Desk, HR, Payroll, Facilities Management Services, Front office, Corporate Events, Training and Support Services. For the employee we offer  Personal Assistant Services such as Billing, Ticketing, RTO, Passport, PAN card,