Wellness camp organized by SuperSeva

June 2, 2012
At SuperSeva we are in touch with challenges that your busy life throws at you. Therefore, our employee engagement activities are designed to treat you to activities that your day-to-day schedule doesn’t allow. With the same mission, we organized Wellness hair health camp at several companies across the country. At the camp, employees met hair

Diwali Dhamaka at Chennai and Hyderabad – the SuperSeva way

October 13, 2011
Vanakkam and Namaskaram all Chennai and Hyderabad friends. So are you all set for the Diwali celebrations. Not yet! Well we do understand the last minute cleaning and shopping you are all worried about. But hope you have not forgotten the gifts and crackers for this Diwali. Don’t worry at all. While you are busy

SuperSeva’s health awareness week at JDA, Bangalore and Hyderabad

April 26, 2011
You have severe tooth ache for the past 3 days but you have been unable to go to the doctor because you have been busy working on your presentations for your clients. What if on the day of the presentation you are unwell to attend the meeting. A lucrative opportunity may be lost. Tooth ache,

SuperSeva organises Corporate Wellness Program at Yell Adworks, Hyderabad

March 29, 2011
Corporate Wellness Program or Employee Wellness Programs have become an important part any organization’s employee welfare activity. Studies have proved that employees are more likely to perform well when they are in a good physical and mental health. SuperSeva Services conducts various such Corporate Wellness Programs to encourage organizations adopt a healthier lifestyle. SuperSeva Services

SuperSeva ties up with Vodafone

March 28, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Vodafone for providing concierge services to all of its employees. Initially this deal was to serve the Vodafone client for the Bangalore employees. Highly satisfied with the service delivery and CRM support of SuperSeva Services, Vodafone has signed up for all locations pan India for 22 desks. For

Superseva Services

March 21, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt Ltd offers personal and professional services to corporate and their employees. The service ranges from corporate services like Concierge services, Corporate Help Desk, HR, Payroll, Facilities Management Services, Front office, Corporate Events, Training and Support Services. For the employee we offer  Personal Assistant Services such as Billing, Ticketing, RTO, Passport, PAN card,