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Mailroom Outsourcing Companies

August 28, 2018
15 Reasons Why You Must Choose Mailroom Outsourcing Companies? If you are looking to manage your mailroom on your own by making use of your in-house resources, it would mean that you will be spending on resources and administrative overheads. Instead you can delegate the task to one among the many mailroom outsourcing companies in India. SuperSeva

Simplified Managed Services – Mail-room

August 11, 2016
SuperSeva Services Private Limited, founded in the year 2000, is headquartered in Bangalore. For nearly 16 years now, we have been providing comprehensive Enterprise-centric services to help organizations conduct business more effectively. Today, SuperSeva is the leader in the Enterprise Support service industry in India serving numerous clients across the country. SuperSeva has always invested

Work-life balance, hassle free and stress free life with SuperSeva

May 21, 2011
Work life and Home life are not mutually exclusive. People don’t just leave for work place and forget their house hold problems nor do they leave the stress at work in their cabin and enter their homes. Studies show: 40% of workers report that their job is “very or extremely stressful.” 26% of workers say

SuperSeva’s Concierge for worklife Balance

April 18, 2011
Would a corporate ever want that an employee is not in the boardroom for certain crucial decisions and spend his entire day in PAN card/Passport/Bill queues. The answer is NO. Would a corporate ever want its very promising, hard working, high performance employee, suddenly turn into an under performer because he could not fulfill his

SuperSeva’s Mail Room Management Services

April 14, 2011
Corporate mailroom is an all encompassing mail processing service that enables your business to concentrate on what you do best and safe in the knowledge that, your correspondence is being handled by experts. SuperSeva’s Mail Room Management  forms the central hub of communications between you, your customers and suppliers. We realize your mail contains anything