Hair Health Checkup camp organized by SuperSeva

May 21, 2012
Healthy lustrous tresses can make every owner proud and every friend jealous! But today, with limited time on our hands coupled with pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle, maintaining the health of the hair has become a challenge. So much so, that it makes us miss those days when our grand mothers would sit lovingly and

Program on ‘Importance of Life’ for Mahindra and Mahindra

September 20, 2011
As a part of its Employee Engagement Activities for the customers of Mahindra and Mahindra , Mumbai, SuperSeva  Co-ordinated a program on ‘Importance of Diet’. Due to increased work pressures, stress and sedentary lifestyle, the professionals today face a lot of health risk. An individual’s time management goes for a toss and they struggle to

SuperSeva’s Financial Camp at Mahindra & Mahindra Mumbai

July 19, 2011
SuperSeva’s Employee Engagement Program encourages employees to love their workplace by creating various customized programs based on the need of the hour. Today, SuperSeva is conducting a Financial Camp @ Mahindra & Mahindra ( Mumbai ), sponsored by Aegon Religare. For more details on SuperSeva Services , visit our website Like our Facebook  fanpage and

Introducing SuperDeal from SuperSeva

June 14, 2011
Work-life balance, Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money-all these have become synonymous to SuperSeva Services. Our endeavor to constantly innovate to impart excellence in service delivery has helped us forge ahead of our competition and set higher standards for all to follow, time and again.                      

SuperSeva ties up with Vodafone

March 28, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Vodafone for providing concierge services to all of its employees. Initially this deal was to serve the Vodafone client for the Bangalore employees. Highly satisfied with the service delivery and CRM support of SuperSeva Services, Vodafone has signed up for all locations pan India for 22 desks. For

Superseva Services

March 21, 2011
SuperSeva Services Pvt Ltd offers personal and professional services to corporate and their employees. The service ranges from corporate services like Concierge services, Corporate Help Desk, HR, Payroll, Facilities Management Services, Front office, Corporate Events, Training and Support Services. For the employee we offer  Personal Assistant Services such as Billing, Ticketing, RTO, Passport, PAN card,