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Our Thoughts at SuperSeva – One of the esteemed WEConnect Businesses in India

March 8, 2018
Women Empowerment Through WEConnect – Our thoughts being SuperSeva, one of the esteemed WEConnect Businesses in India Estée Lauder said, “I never dreamt about success. I worked for it.” Likewise, women, today are taking responsibility and working towards their personal growth and success. They compete and complement their male counterparts in almost all aspects of life.

Trust in outsourcing business

February 27, 2018
What Builds Trust in a outsourcing business? When you throw your baby up in the air, it will laugh as it trusts you. Trust is a feature that we recognize from our infancy! In a way, our entire life is based on trust! Nobody is completely self-made, and we depend on others for our day

Make your business Perfect – Outsourcing a Super Hero

January 22, 2018
Do perfect businesses exist? What is a perfect business? It depends on what you expect from a business!!! Is your business spending right amount of time for the right jobs? To produce the right amount of outcomes, one must ensure that their business is moving onto the right track and solely following their desired goals.

Outsourced business services- A bridge between success and cost effectiveness

December 8, 2017
Why did Anil decide to partner with an Outsourced business services provider? When Anil decided to leave his full time high paid job to start his own IT solution business, He did not know that there are certain things waiting for him on his way. Certain tasks, which he definitely doesn’t want to handle by