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Outsourcing Support Services – Advantages

August 4, 2018
How Does Outsourcing Support Services To Superseva Benefit You? Need for ‘outsourcing support services’: Outsourcing support services to enterprise support service providers will help you to concentrate on your core business. You can also save your time by delegating non-core areas of your business to professionals. Furthermore, if you are managing an enterprise, it is

Annual Award Ceremony: Premium Services Vertical

September 5, 2013
SuperSeva is an organization that takes prides in its employees’ and their achievements. Our philosophy has always been work hard, delight customer and pride employees achievements. 27th July 2013, was the day to felicitate the outstanding performers of the Premium Services Team. The function began with a beautiful welcome speech by Ms. Sheeba followed by

Plan your corporate party, let SuperSeva execute it !!

August 16, 2013
A corporate party is a must for many reasons. You may want to show how much you appreciate the work done by your colleagues, want to felicitate them.You may want to congratulate a colleague on earning new honors or winning awards. You may want to profusely than an employee who is retiring from your company