How to use SuperSeva Cashback Card

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1. Visit CashbackWorld website:

2. Log in using your Cashback card login ID and Password.

3. Goto Shop on the Menu, then Clicks and select your appropriate category.

4. Select the Merchant (ex: Flipkart, Bigbasket, etc.) you want to shop with,

5. Click “Shop online now!” and start shopping,

6. Once the shopping is completed, Cashback and Shopping points will be credited within 7 days into Cashback account after the successful delivery of the product.

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1. Visit any Cashback world partner store/merchant.

2. Present your cashback card / Card number.

3. Look forward to Cashback and Shopping Points.


User is not eligible for cashback in case of following circumstances Network Interruption / Closing Browser / System Shutdown / Logout from merchant or lyoness website

The user must be logged in to both websites (Lyoness & Merchant) to receive the cashback. In case of above situations, the user must re-log in again into both websites to avail cashback.