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Whatever the size of the organization, optimising working capital is the lifeline of every business operation. Accounts receivable and Accounts payable are vital to maintain liquidity and stutter free business operations. Why hire Accounts receivable and Accounts payable personnel when you can save time and gain greater control with our custom Finance Management solutions. Streamline invoices and payments, foster stronger vendor relationships and increase productivity while minimizing risks and accelerating cycle times. We leverage technology to maximize value, prevent revenue leakage and save costs.

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Receivable Management

Collections and receivable management can be tedious, yet vital and tactical, yet repeatable. Our efficient accounts receivable management for businesses of all industry types and sizes focuses on streamlining invoicing and optimising collections while reducing risks and bad debts. Most importantly, it nurtures a healthy cash flow environment by making your paid and unpaid invoices more manageable with a pragmatic approach.

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Payable Management

Accounts payable is not just critical to cash flow and operations, but impacts organization’s credibility with vendors. Managing payables to third-party vendors for purchases made on credit has never been simpler. Our comprehensive accounts payable solution covers order amendments, invoice validation, claims reimbursements, issue resolutions and vendor query management. We strengthen your AP processes and lower service costs with technology and analytics.

Vendor Payment Management

Vendor Payment Management

Our end-to-end vendor payment solution is an extension to our accounts payable solution and provides an integrated view of all vendor payments. Give your business effective levers for financial control. Our payments management team captures data and diligently executes at every stage of vendor contract approval, invoice approval, and payment approval, on-time payments. Consequently gain control of both payments and supplier relationships.Consequently gain control of both payments and supplier relationships.

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Stamp Paper and Franking Solutions

Superseva’s stamp paper and franking solution leverages our PAN India network to support the procurement of stamp paper and franking in all states. Our IT tool helps you raise and track service requests from multiple users while our network ensures supply as per agreed SLAs. We also support bulk procurement and stock inventories in this tool for executing all your agreements.

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