How Managed Parking Solution by SuperSeva can sort out your Parking issues?

Does your employees or visitors face any challenge in parking their vehicles because of parking space mismanagement? Do you want to optimize your Parking space with upgraded technology and trained resources?

A Parking lot with hassle-free experience attracts most businesses and prospects & keep your employees/ visitors happy. We at SuperSeva Services comes up with Managed Parking Solution to solve all your parking issues related to Indoor as well as Outdoor Parking.

The various key feature of SuperSeva Managed Parking Solution include :

          headlamp. When any vehicle enter through the entry gate RFID reader reads the tag, barrier gate gets

          opened and allows the authorized vehicles to enter. If there is any vacant space it gets displayed

          on the Digital Board. Also, there is no delay in vehicles entry or exit.

Parking Solution

Apart from all these features SuperSeva Services also comes up with more features such as :

                                              Handheld Charging Terminal, etc.

                                               Cashier for fare collection, Wardens to show the available space, Driver for

                                               parking help, Manager & Supervisor for guidance.

However, SuperSeva Services comes up with end number of security features while parking your vehicle.

So just, rely on SuperSeva Services for Managed Parking Solution as we keep a promise to let your assets be in the safest zone.For more details, contact us at or +91 7829035353/ 9686999844.

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