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Thinking of outsourcing your HR management services at your organization? We have you covered! Be it a single process or end-to-end HR solutions, our employee-first, cost-effective services ensure that we are the right partner to fulfill your human resource requirements. We understand that there is no one-size–fits-all when it comes to fulfilling your organization’s HR needs. Our team of HR professionals have gained expertise by working with companies of all sizes, both in the corporate and public sectors and are perfectly equipped to understand the nuances of each business and craft customized HR solutions.

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Employees Travel Management

Manage your company's corporate travel expenses and streamline costs with our employee travel management solutions. We're trusted by both SME and large multinationals to arrange corporate travel with detailed itineraries. Arrange travel and accommodation for your C-level executives or travel packages for your entire team. Our suite of services are designed to help optimize travel costs with no compromise on quality.


Payroll Management

Focus on employee engagement and people strategies while we provide hassle-free and error-free payroll management services. Payroll processing can rattle even the most zen-like individuals while handling computation or disbursement.. Let our teams adeptly manage keeping track of employee work hours and computing payouts based on multiple criteria. Our services are compliant with all the government regulations and business-specific policies.


Employee Premium Concierge

Our suite of employee concierge services are designed for convenience and save time. Let your employees know just how much you value them. Help them stay productive and retain focus on tasks that matter while our concierge team addresses a wide range of services for them. Create a custom bouquet of services that are tailored to your employee preferences and organization’s needs.


Employee Gifting Ideas and Solutions

Employees need to be treated special when there is a personal or professional occasion, We play an important role in identifying fresh and unique gifting ideas for different occasions like employee life events, milestone celebrations, or any special day or festive celebration. A wide range of options ranging from gift vouchers to gadgets, also any budget to premium gifting can be availed with us whenever there is a gifting requirement for employees

Employee Claims Settlement And Reimbursement Management

Employee Claims Settlement and Reimbursement Management

Keeping track of employee expenses and claims can be a tedious chore that distracts from core business execution for stakeholders. Our expertise in employee claims settlement and reimbursement management can prove invaluable in this regard. Our comprehensive approach to organizing and logging monthly employee expenses assures compliance, accuracy, and efficiency while providing a completely hassle-free experience for both employees and employers.

Employee Benefits Program-12

Employee Benefits Program

Have a great reward and recognition program, but need help rolling it out smoothly? Our employee benefits program includes employee recognition, awards, on-the-spot awards for exceptional contributions, and incentives for a job well done - all designed with your company’s budget in mind. Provide a personal touch by making employees' work anniversaries and life events special with our corporate gifting services.

Contract Staffing-13

Contract Staffing

Addressing a skill gap or time-to-deploy resources is often the winning element in business. We go beyond typical resume searches to find the right people for the job, who can fit right into your organization’s culture.. Our services are designed to provide skilled contract employees on-demand with accelerated lead times. We specialize in recruiting both IT and non-IT professionals for any duration

Workplace Management-14

Workplace Management

From maintaining the workplace and asset management to space planning and facilities management our practical workplace management services have you covered. Our solutions are designed to help you and your employees better navigate the workplace. We have the tools and techniques that will help with the effortless management of logistical operations of an office environment.

Health And Insurance Support-15

Health and Insurance Support

Offering adequate health and insurance support can go a long way in shaping positive company culture. Our health and insurance support services are custom-built for specific industries and job roles. Our services help safeguard and support the health and wellbeing of your employees so that they can remain productive without the added stress of mounting medical bills and tedious claim processes.

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Tailored solutions that are scalable according to company growth

Custom-built insurance policies to support high-risk job roles

All services are compliant with labor laws and regulations



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