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Having a reliable logistics support line is vital for fluidity of business. Whether it is business as usual or times of disruption, enterprises have to ensure supply of raw material, order fulfilment and manage the reverse logistics of returns, repairs and maintenance. Our end-to-end logistics management solutions are implemented and serviced by supply chain specialists who understand your business and its unique needs. From planning logistics and selecting partners to ensuring compliance and effective reporting, we drive efficiency across the value chain. Optimize operational efficiency, reduce cost overheads and enhance customer service, all in the same breath. 

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Warehouse Management-37

Warehouse Management

An ineffectively managed warehouse is more than just a bottleneck and negatively impacts your entire supply chain and eventually customer experience. Our warehouse management solution ensures in-time movement of goods across business locations. It minimizes risk with automation technology and real-time tracking of goods, besides ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements

Warehouse Staffing-33

Warehouse staffing

A well-staffed warehouse is essential to building a more resilient supply chain, particularly in volatile times for the market. Our warehouse staffing solutions unburdens your recruitment and onboarding engine by providing access to talent on-demand, at any scale for all warehouse positions. Our staffing operations empowers your team to focus on strategic operations, while our trained personnel ensure efficient operations.

Backend Processing-32

Backend Processing

With the number of transactions growing exponentially in the digital universe, working with logistics, order and invoice processing can overwhelm the business. Our Backend Processing solution assures seamless operations by leveraging people, process and technology. We ensure accurate real time visibility across processes and automation of necessary workflows.

Order Verification And Reconciliation-35

Order verification and reconciliation

Purchase Order verification and reconciliation are essential to eliminate errors in processing or prevent fraud, both of which could create losses for the business. However they can also be tedious tasks that hold your business back. Our order verification solution ensures authenticity of the Purchase orders and compliance to standards. Our Reconciliation solutions ensure line items on the PO map to the line items on the invoices.

Delivery Management-34

Delivery Management

A great supply chain that does not handle last mile delivery well can irreversibly damage customer experience. Our last mile delivery management solutions remove friction from all delivery to ensure in-time order fulfillment. Our solution leverages our country-wide delivery partner network and technology to schedule , orchestrate and manage a cost-effective delivery operation.

Reverse Logistics Management-36

Reverse Logistics Management

Products that are returned, repaired or restocked due to shipment errors need to be re-integrated into the supply chain efficiently. Our reverse logistics solution ensures transparency, convenience and traceability on all fronts. Our use of technology and an extensive partner network minimizes errors and elevates customer experience, while lowering cost of operations.

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