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Our Office Admin SOlutions

Our full suite of personalized admin services provide the expertise, support, and manpower to enable seamless business operations and a hassle-free work environment. A prompt front desk, well orchestrated transport, hassle free parking or easy access to consumables vital to propping up the day to day workplace experience. Tailor services and adapt our solutions easily in times of disruptions such as covid. Our office admin services strive to optimize workplace productivity and experience while ensuring the administration does not miss a beat at any time.

Managed Front Office-17

Managed Front Office

A well orchestrated front office is not just the first workplace touch point for your business brand, but is vital to flow of people and information. Front office experiences make or break a great workplace. Our well-trained professionals are groomed in the rigors of hospitality management. From visitor management to providing SLA based services, we leverage technology to deliver the ultimate experiences.


Mailroom Management

A misstep in the mailroom can have a serious impact on business. An integrated and automated mailroom averts unnecessary delays, reduces inefficiency and even lowers cost of operations. We leverage our proprietary “Trakmail” application to track and automate end-to-end mailroom operations. we deploy the right people, process, and technology to manage inbound and outbound courier management, vendor management, and other support services.

transport desk-23

Transport Desk Management

Modern workplaces are blurring the lines when it comes to work hours or work locations, while focusing on people safety and convenience. 24x7 offices and people mobility are essentials of any workplace experience today. Our experts orchestrate a 24/7 Transport Desk to not just provide high levels of safe and efficient transport to employees, but also significantly lower operational costs.


Managed Parking Solutions

It is a researched fact that traffic snarls and jams enroute to work not just amplify stress levels, but also impact workplace productivity. Spare your employees the hassle of an extended drive to find parking. Our automated smart parking solution deploys real-time displays, trained manpower and technology to bring convenience to employees, and also ensure optimal utilization of parking space.

Pantry And Housekeeping Consumables-20

Pantry and Housekeeping Consumables

Why deal with multiple vendors across multiple locations for your pantry and housekeeping consumables? Our sourcing specialists ensure adequate supply of consumables based on specific needs across all your office locations. Moreover, we negotiate for the best rates from vendors, discounts from reputed brands and superior quality of products.

Integrated Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management

Infrastructure is high value in today’s real-estate market and businesses are looking to make the most out of them. Realize the best value from your workplace infrastructure with integrated facility management services. Our team of trained professionals manage the day to day essential operations and upkeep of infrastructure with the right economies of scale, robust technologies and tested service delivery models.

Office & Asset Relocation-24

Office & Asset Relocation

Relocations are often a major constraint to key business decisions and strategic imperatives, forcing a compromise. Do what’s right and make the right decisions without having to worry about the overheads of office or asset relocation. Our relocation solution ensures a completely hassle-free experience for your employees and an extremely low-touch experience for the employer, all at the snap of your fingers.


Work from home support

Work as we know it has changed forever in recent times with the pandemic-led disruptions. Work from home is the new normal and some corporations are committing to the “work from anywhere” model for the future, even if normalcy were to return. From shipment of equipment and delivery services to personalized support services, our solutions help address companies and employees’ particular needs.

Corporate Events And Office Decoration-22

Corporate events and Office decoration

Pulling off an event at any scale can be an operational and logistical nightmare. Leave it to our experienced team to handle on-demand management and execution of corporate events and decoration. Be it planned or ad hoc events, our professional expertise and PAN India network help orchestrate service delivery simultaneously across multiple office locations, even with varying themes and changing needs.

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