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Prop up your business process with customized Operations and Project Support solutions

Execution of multiple projects and monitoring business processes across the organization can be overwhelming. Providing the right kind of support across project and process lifecycles is imperative for efficiency. Our team of strategic and tactical project managers provide the business with the right set of options that suit your needs for a given situation. Our support solutions are agile and deliver operational excellence with lower overheads and lower costs. 

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Our Operations and Project Support Solutions

IT Asset Store Management

Our SLA-driven IT asset store management solution maintains and tracks a comprehensive set of assets across the organization. Our Store managers ensure you get the real time status of any asset, ensure assets are rightly allocated and track any maintenance or repair work on assets. We also schedule periodic maintenance of the assets and adhere to all necessary security and quality compliance needs

Software License Management

Compliance with every relevant enterprise license and end-user license agreement (EULA) across your organization is not possible without the right set of processes and tools. Our License management solution helps you do just that. Our License management team manages software procurement, Integration of all contracts, Cost Optimization, Regular Audits, On-time Renewals, Automation, and Progressive Outcomes

Contract Workforce Management

With the ever growing contract workforce in today’s industry, managing compliance of all contract employees and consultants is challenging and often a management overhead. Our contract workforce management is a scalable and robust system with a strong HR and statutory team. Customize solutions to your organization processes and for any type of contract employees across roles and geo locations

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