Outsourcing Customer Support Services

The Importance of efficient Customer Support Services

The key to customer retention is efficient customer service. Regardless of which industry one may be a part of, customer care is of utmost importance. Many organizations are realizing that with growing competition, new technological innovations and constantly improving services and products, consumers are being pulled in several directions. It is vital to make sure that customer loyalty programs are an integral part of a corporation. Acquiring new customers is vital, but holding on to existing customers is crucial. Only if existing customers are satisfied, they will help in acquiring new ones by spreading the news of your excellent customer service.


Take a look at these statistics:


  • Existing customers spend 30% more than new customers
  • Referrals among existing customers are 105% greater than new customers
  • It costs 7% more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a new customer


So, you’ll see the necessity for uniform and committed customer support services which will nurture and strengthen this bond. Some of the most problems customers have are unresolved complaints, pricing issues, competitors having better offers, or they only feel you are doing not care enough. One has got to be constantly in sync with a customer’s needs. Determining what they need is a crucial thing about organizational success. Since the market is in constant flux, one needs a uniform and committed approach to measure and be in-tuned with the changing whims of a consumer.

But what if customer care isn’t one of your core activities? You may lack the expertise, resources, and finances to make sure good customer services. Outsourcing to competent and dedicated customer care professionals may be a great option and therefore the path that a lot of global companies are taking.

The need to outsource customer support services to Superseva

Superseva provides a highly responsive structure to resonate with its client’s individual needs.

The fact that there must be an intense specialization in customer care is indisputable.

Acquiring new customers also as keeping existing customers satisfied by anticipating their needs can only be done through good customer support.

Outsourcing to Superseva offers a convincing case for cost-effectiveness, minus a lot of the risk inherent in setting up a complex operation that is not a core competency. Outsource your customer support to us and be assured that there’ll be professional and highly-qualified people handling your customers and providing good customer care service.

How poor customer support can affect your business

  • Your customer feels disappointed when their complaints go unresolved
  • Your customer loses trust in your company when you don’t respond to them on time
  • Dissatisfied customers share their disappointment with other potential customers
  • You lose both existing and prospective customers

Misconceptions about Outsourcing Customer Care Services

Outsourcing can invoke some anxieties about transitioning from an indoor system to a foreign one.

Some of the common causes of concern are:


  • Culture, Skills, Competency


Working with people from a special country who aren’t conversant in the particulars of your culture can seem to be a drag. India leverages its large chunk of manpower, fluent in English and intensively trained in accent and culture-sensitization before becoming functional as full-fledged customer service operators. Customer service associates or agents employed in Indian contact centers are well educated, with minimum educational qualification being college graduate. India hosts a range of contact centers, high availability of infrastructure resources, and liberal government policies on call centers.


  • Cost-effectiveness of outsourcing customer support


YES! Outsourcing your customer service with Superseva won’t only make sure you of quality customer care but also your cost savings might be as high as one-half.


  • Outsourcing decrease transparency between company and customer


Conventional wisdom has held that any activity important enough to possess an impact on productivity – be it customer care, distribution, transportation, or manufacturing and assembly – is best performed, or at least managed, in-house. But within the last 20 years, this belief has proved to be false.

Most companies now outsource their logistics, distribution, and transportation operations. And, increasingly, many companies have chosen to outsource their manufacturing operations, especially if they are doing business on a worldwide scale. Now, an equivalent phenomenon is catching on within the customer care industry.

Technology has become so advanced today that one doesn’t need to be physically on the brink of even have direct access to data or build personal relations with one’s customers as long as customer needs are being met.

The customer service information database compiled by your outsourcing partner is instantly accessible to you. Besides if one doesn’t have the resources or finances to undertake customer care at one’s own company it’s a wiser choice to outsource to a corporation that can completely specialize in just this aspect of your business. This focus will confirm that the standard of your customer services improves.

At Superseva, our approach to business ensures that we are transparent in our operations. We don’t simply act within the capacity of a facilitator or manager but are going to be a neighbourhood of your team, always staying within the process and this interaction makes sure that there’s a seamless

relationship between you, your vendor, and your customers.


Types of Customer Care Services

There are various ways of improving your relationship with customers which will all be successfully outsourced. The types of customer care services offered includes –

  • Customer Support
  • Email Support
  • Customer Service
  • Product Support
  • Chat Support
  • Market Research

If you require any of these services, place your inquiry by writing a mail to Sales@superseva.com or call at 9686999844 and our Client Engagement Team will get back to you with a custom-tailored plan specially designed for your company.

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