Contract Staffing
Contract Staffing is yet another key offering under SuperSeva Services – Managed Services, where we hire on behalf of your organization and provides resources based on your requirements.
Outsourcing experts for contract staffing needs can be beneficial especially when you are looking for people with skills that are not easily available in the market. To reduce the burden of staffing, you can opt for outsourcing the non-core areas of your business through SuperSeva Services – Managed Services because this will let you focus on your main business and let you relax. Also, there will be a single point of contact where you can save money and improve productivity. It will help you in monitoring, proactive support, centralized management, remote support, scheduled maintenance, simplified billing. This will also make a better workflow like understanding client requirements, defining quality & service, agree SLA & SOW, deliver managed services, improve continuously, etc.
When we talk about manpower of any organization we mean the perfection that needs to come along with an employee. Majority of the business ends up spending a lot more than required money on retaining the employees who are performing certain tasks which are not easing the core business in any manner. Hence, SuperSeva Services comes forth in recruiting the right person at the right place so that can produce effective and efficient results.
Contract Staffing processes include:
Resume Screening
Induction Training & Development
Background Verification
Payroll & Compliance Management
End to End IT-enabled HR Management
Reward & Recognition Services
Industries that we cover is Retail, Telecom, FMCG, E-Commerce, BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare/ Life-sciences/ Pharma, Hospitality, Education, etc. Also, the job categories that we cover are :
Technical/ Project Management Staffing
Office Staffing – Administrative, Customer Service, etc
Profession Staffing – HR, Accounts, etc
Sales Staffing – Counter, Field Sales, etc
 We ensure the best of our services at a reasonable price. Also, Hiring talented human resource is a challenge, and a bigger challenge is to engage them. Every employee seeks that little bit extra from his employer. Show them you care. Engage with SuperSeva Services Enterprise Support Services to discover that little bit extra! For more details kindly write a mail to us at or contact us +919686999844.
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