How to get your RTO Services done through SuperSeva Services?
When it comes to RTO Services, your mind must be filled out with how will you get your RTO related work done? How will you avail this service if you are relocating to a different city? If you are purchasing a used vehicle, how to get the ownership transfer done? How can you renew your DL?
The answer to the above query can be sorted out through SuperSeva Services in the best possible way.
Enjoy Hassle-free RTO Service through SuperSeva Services
SuperSeva Services provides RTO Services in a hassle-free manner which saves your time in the verification of documents as well as saves you out from standing in a long queue at RTO office. Besides, it’s easy and safe to trust us as there will always be the guidance of the senior SPOC from SuperSeva. The appointment can be taken as per the customer convenience.
RTO Services that you can avail through SuperSeva
We provide assistance in all documentation related to RTO requirements like :
 Submission of Documents & Getting Acknowledgement Slips
 DL renewal (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler)
 LL + DL (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler)
 DL Renewal – Address Change (Outstation) 2 & 4 Wheeler
 DL Address Change and Renewal (Local)
 HP Cancellation (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler)
 License Upgradation
 Transfer Ownership 2 Wheeler
 Transfer Ownership 4 Wheeler Including CC
 Transfer Ownership 4 Wheeler Without CC
 Transfer Ownership 4 Wheeler Including CC with HP Cancellation
 Road Tax Payment
 Re-registration (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler)
 Miscellaneous Work of RC Book
 NOC (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler)
 NOC (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler) With HP Cancellation
 NOC – Non-Migration Letter
 “B” Extract Copy of Vehicle
 NOC Genuineness Letter
 International Driving License
 IDP (Local PP & DL in Same Address)
 IDP (Local/ Outstation)
 Duplicate RC Book for (2 Wheeler/ 4 Wheeler)
 Duplicate DL
 Fitness Certificate
 Change of Address in RC Book for 2 Wheeler
 Change of Address in RC Book for 4 Wheeler Including CC
 Change of Address in RC Book for 4 Wheeler Without CC
 Change of Address in RC Book for 4 Wheeler Including CC with HP Cancellation
How to avail RTO Service?
For availing the SuperSeva RTO Services, you can opt any of the following options:
 Concierge Desk of your office
 Through SuperSeva Website
 By Downloading SuperSeva Mobile App
 Through E-mail
 Through call center
Thus, trusting us will never let you down as we assure you of better core delivery, reduce your paperwork burden as all these will be handheld by SuperSeva officers. SuperSeva is always there to assist you in the best possible way. For any requirements, kindly write to or contact us at 9590901901.
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Chaitanya KSR (Edit)
Hi I am from Andhra pradesh, visakhapatnam.. I completed my NOC from my AP and I want to re-register my CAR to KArnataka state (bangalore ) as I will have to stay more than 1 year here, what is the process going forward..
August 26, 2019 Reply
SuperSeva Services (Edit)
Hi Chaitanya KSR
Thank you for sharing your concern. Our team will get back to you shortly.
Thanks & Regards
SuperSeva Team
September 3, 2019 Reply

Shivakumar GB (Edit)
I need to transfer two wheeler RC transfer Mysore-Karnataka registered to Bellary-Karnataka.
Kindly let me know the details of fees and time.
September 15, 2019 Reply

SuperSeva Services (Edit)
Dear Shivakumar,
Thank you for your concern. Our respective officer will get back to you.
Thanks & Regards
Team SuperSeva
September 16, 2019 Reply

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